Hybrid Absentee System

Mail voting vs Hybrid System (Absentees drop site voting, mail voting, and accessible Poll Sites) 10 Early voting Centers* per county, open for 8 days before the election, including weekend voting. *as a rough guide, adjusted for geography and inflation. No one should go 100 miles to vote
Advantages of a Hybrid System: 
 1. Last minute voting 
2. Easy same day registration 
3. People that moved and didn’t receive a ballot 
4. Those without permanent addresses have options 
5. Accessible voting for the disabled 
6. More accessible voting for expanded language access 
7. Reinvigorates the Secret Ballot 
8. Cross check comparisons of voting returns, mail vs poll sites 
9. Pandemic capable: Early voting centers and drop boxes allow for social distancing, time distancing, and mail voting for those who wish. 
10. Currently the postal service has become a political issue, early voting centers allow for alternative methods not tied to federal government hanky panky 
 Disadvantages of Mail voting:
1. Not a secret ballot 
2. Could be 100k votes lost in the mail, in Washington Alone, upwards of 2 million nation-wide 
3. Disenfranchises those who move, lose ballots, sign their name slightly inconsistently 
4. Easy to sell, steal, suppress 
5. Not affecting all people of all demographics the same, if you're over 65 in permanent housing it’s great, if not, there’s some real bad effects.
6. Sends ballots routinely to the wrong people 
7. 40-50% of the ballots are not voted and laying around in junk mail, mis-delivered, etc.

Election Integrity Issues for
Washington State

  • We need to Restore the Secret Ballot
  • Fix and expand absentee voting with early voting centers and walk-in drop-off absentee ballots
  • Restore Public Ownership of our Voting systems and Public Vote Counting
    (Hand Countable/Counted Auditable Voting Systems)
  • Take control of our voting systems through Publicly Owned Open Source Software

“Secret Ballots and Public Counting, Not public ballots with private vote counting”
 –Gentry Lange