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Posted July 22,2020  

 You may have been informed that I, Gentry Lange, want to shut down Vote-By Mail during a Pandemic. People have even accused me of exactly this transgression. This is simply, not true.

 First, I am not currently elected, nor do I hold office, that's just the truth. I have no power over your elections during this pandemic. So I neither have the power, nor am I arguing to shut-down mail voting during a pandemic.

 I am arguing against other states adopting this system without knowing the faults, as I am quite literally the world's foremost critic of mail voting. I mean, I've been tracking the problems with mail voting at The No Vote By Mail Project,, for 15 years or so.
 However, if you love Vote-by Mail, wouldn't you want the most security paranoid person in charge of the system, rather than those who act as if problems don't exist?
No, I won't dismantle mail voting, I'm arguing for improvements.
I am arguing for at least:

--10 Early Voting Centers Per County (Adjusted for Geography and Population Needs)

--Early Voting Center Poll Sites Open 7 Days before the election in conjunction with our drop box system

-A real examination of why almost 36,000 votes were thrown out in 2016, and a lot more were just rejected during the primaries of 2020.

-- Improving our absentee system, rather than immediately dismantling the system

-- Real talk about the short-comings of undermining the secret ballot in Washington and VBM systems. How to restore the Secret Ballot even in an Absentee System.

 Let us all think about this during this election: The same people who signed the contracts and sold you a proverbial "bill-of-goods" on Diebold and proprietary touchscreen voting machines, are the same people selling the idea that Vote-By Mail is the solution to our voting woes. Just look at the NASS website, it is chalk full of corporate sponsors who love counting your votes. They are happy to do it with VBM. But with mail voting, your ballot is still gets fed into the same voting machines as before the implementation of Vote-By Mail. Read the whole book "Blackbox Voting, Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century," or watch the documentary, "Hacking Democracy," and learn about computer voting problems yourself. After all, it is your Republic if you can keep it.

Has this voting machine problem been fixed? Nope. Not by mail voting it hasn't.

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Election reform in focus

as 3 candidates challenge incumbent Secretary of State

UPDATED: Wed., July 15, 2020

By Laurel Demkovich 416-6260

Three candidates will take on Republican incumbent Secretary of State Kim Wyman in the Aug. 4 primary, and as COVID-19 forces the country to rethink voting systems, election reform is on candidates’ minds.

 Gentry Lange, a real estate broker active in voting rights issues who lists his party preference as the Progressive Party, is running to restore the secret ballot

The three candidates disagree on whether Washington’s vote-by-mail is still the best system moving forward, citing safety, privacy and lack of voter access and turnout.

Lange argued that vote-by-mail can suppress last-minute voters and voters without permanent addresses. He also pointed to the large number of votes that get rejected because of issues like a nonmatching signature.

In Spokane County’s March 10 election, 5,032 votes were rejected for various reasons, and 159,104 ballots were accepted, according to county election data.

He said he wants to expand the number of polling sites to at least 10 per county. Lange, who said he has spent decades as a voting rights activist, said he got in the race to start the conversation surrounding election reform.

Lange argued vote-by-mail goes against the country’s longstanding tradition of a secret ballot, a system where voting is completely anonymous, often done in person behind a closed curtain. Vote-by-mail allows for more people than just the voter to interfere with a ballot, something a secret ballot does not do, Lange said.

He said he is not against a vote-by-mail system but instead would support a hybrid system,
 in which voters can choose how to vote.

“People love it, so you got to make it better,” Lange said.

He said the state should move toward a system that focuses more on a walk-in, drop-off absentee system rather than a vote-by-mail system.

All candidates will take part in a debate organized by the League of Women Voters next week. KSPS Public Television will air the debate on Thursday. The candidates will answer questions from Spokane journalists as well as the League of Women Voters.

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Greg Palast 


Investigative Journalism

Our Choice May Be Vote By Mail Or Die 

Election Crimes Bulletin: Pandemic Edition

In this week’s Election Crimes Bulletin, Greg Palast and Flashpoints host Dennis Bernstein discuss the problems we face exercising our democratic rights during a pandemic. Voting by Mail may seem like the solution, but mail-in ballots could deliver the election to Trump.