Gentry Lange

Gentry Lange is a political activist, ardent spokesman for voting reform, and experienced independent journalist. In 2004 he was the campaign manager for Andy Stephenson, a voting activist candidate for Secretary of State, a campaign for Washington Secretary of State that broke all the rules and was featured in the film, “Hacking Democracy” by HBO.
Subsequently, in 2005 Gentry Lange ran for King County Executive for the Green Party. And in 2009 he ran for Bremerton City Council independently.

From a small town outside of Chicago, Gentry Lange became active in politics at a young age, and shows no sign of slowing down. Since getting involved with Indymedia in a post 9-11 world, he quickly became engrossed in Blackbox and Voting Integrity Issues.

Mr. Lange has spent years writing part-time specifically problems with voting by mail systems. His work has been quoted in many publications, most recently the Christian Science Monitor in their 5 part series on voting integrity issues in America.
Gentry Lange is a small business owner with a background in Internet Technologies. He attended the University of Washington, and graduated with honors from the Political Science Department. He has lived in Washington State for 27 years and currently resides in Columbia City with his wife Ingrid and 4 year old child.